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Fosroc - World Leading Material Technology for Construction

We are An Authorized Distributor of Berger Fosroc Limited.

SS Corporation is a pioneer of introducing Fosroc brand construction chemicals in Bangladesh. Till now we stand as one of the best construction chemicals distributors in Bangladesh. In the area of competitive business, we serve with the best quality chemicals of Berger Fosroc Limited and technical support for our valued customers for building durable and sustainable infrastructure in the country. Our aim is to identify your construction-related issues and subsequently provide the best constructive solution.

In order to easy your effort our technical team is always with you to give a hand.

In recent years construction industry in Bangladesh have started using wide range of chemicals. Admixture, Waterproofing, Grouts & Anchors, Micro Concrete, Adhesives, Industrial Flooring, Surface Treatment, Joint Sealants, and Protective Coatings all sorts of chemicals are currently being used in small to mega projects.In construction works each chemical serves different purposes.

S.S. Corporation is supplying all sorts of products from bulk quantity to small amount as per customers need. For admixture there are water reducing admixtures (plasticiser), High range water reducing admixtures (superplasticisers), retarding plasticiser, Air entraining agents, Accelerators, Surface Retarders & Corrosion Inhibtors, waterproofing admixture,Hyper plasticisers and curing compounds, Shutter Release Agents, Multipurpose Cleaning Agent are SURFACE TREATMENT chemicals.General Purpose Grouts, Repairing & Maintenance, Retrofitting, Floor hardeners, Water Repellent are also included in our product and service range. Some mention worthy widely used Fosroc products are Conplust WL, Conplast SP337, Conplast P211, Nitoflor Hard top, Conbextra GP2, Brushbond RFX, Renderoc RG, Renderoc CS, Nitobond EP, Lokfix, Reebol emulsion Xtra, conplast SP 430 G8, Reekbaklens etc.

Over the years our business has been extended as an Importer, Stockist, Distributor, Supplier and Applicator. More than 16 years of experiences have molded us into a world class service provider so that our customers are delighted with our products and services. In this days our strong network ensuring hassle free delivery of our chemicals all over Bangladesh from Dhaka to Savar, Narayanganj, Gazipur, Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, khulna, Sylhet, Barishal in every corner of the country for various types of projects- Building construction, Flyover, Bridge, Railways, Powerplant construction etc.

Fosroc is a global manufacturer of high-performance chemicals and materials for the Construction industry. Fosroc’s tailored Constructive Solutions are developed combining an extensive range of products with expertise and experience to meet the needs of the construction industry. From the cement factory through to final finishes of the construction project, Fosroc is your chosen partner for constructive solutions.

In recent times we SS Corporation have started working with Berger Fosroc Ltd. as the authorized distributor. And Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd, the market leader in Bangladesh Paints Industry and Fosroc International Ltd, a global leading company in the field of Construction Chemicals, have entered into a legally binding Joint Venture agreement signed on January 31, 2018, to set up a new legal entity “Berger Fosroc Limited”.

Our Services


Admixture, Surface treatments, Grouts & anchors ,Industrial Floorings ,Repairing Materials, Protective coatings, Joint sealants, Waterproofing , Adhesives, etc


Waterproofing, Industrial Flooring, Floor hardening, PU flooring, Epoxy Flooring, Heat-insulating, Water reducing, Improving Work-ability, Pumping, Strengthening concrete, Retrofitting,  Surface & Equipment cleaning Concrete Repairing.


Construction chemical related Consultation, Design and application.


Admixture-Liquid or powder products which modify and improve the properties of fresh and harened concrete or mortar


Waterproofing product and solutions for building in all stages of construction from base foundation to roof . The product offering also constitutes green building certifications.

Grouts & Anchors

Cement and resin based products to fill voids beneath load bearing units, together with anchoring systems to install permanent or removable anchors and fixings.

Industrial Flooring

a complete range of floor surfacing products designed to enhance the performance characteristics of both new & old concrete floors.

Concrete Repair

Primers, cement and resin based materials to reinstate defective concrete

Surface Treatments

Liquid or powder additives to improve grinding efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance the quality

Joint Sealants

Flexible jointing materials used to act as a seal or fill a gap between to elements in order to accept future movement.

Protective Coatings

Coating to protect new and existing structures from attack by atmospheric chlorides & carbonation or from exposure to harmful chemicals


Liquid or powder additives to improve grinding efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance the quality

S.S. Corporation is always ready to comprehend your construction related problems and provide you with effective solutions accordingly through consultation from our expert technical team.